The hexagonal shape is unique but it´s not something we invented. It´s been around as a building block forever.

It is the most flexible shape found in nature. Virtually everything is constructed using hexagons. From flowers, to honeycombs even human beings and our molecules are built by hexagon building blocks.

A time tested building block.

So why not build houses using the hexagon. It is flexible, strong and creates an dynamic design. Hexagons can be used to build high-rise buildings or low rise structures. There are very few limits to the combinations you can create with hexagons, most of the limits are in our mind and what we are used to. 

When building houses using hexagon building blocks, space is used efficiently and optimally. The foot print is maximised to the purpose of the building. A high gross to net floor spacing ratio means larger living areas for residents and flexibility in the various of configurations from 1, 2 or 3 bed dwellings. Its even possible to make the interior walls movable to adapt to any life style, all with the use of a hexagonal building block, The HexPod.

Its strong, its flexible.

The architecture can be dynamic with a freedom to create interesting buildings. It allows you to create bespoke buildings to fit any site. 

When you think of it, it makes perfect sense.



Here´s some examples of hexagonal creativity

2013-08-07 01.14.36 pm.jpg